Another June, another fiscal year-end for Microsoft. I am looking forward seeing Microsoft’s financial results.
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June 2018 Newsletter
Top 5 reasons for Enterprise Asset Management
Traditional maintenance organizations worked paper based and continued to do so for a long time. By moving to automation, the companies created new opportunities to streamline their maintenance process.

Now available on AppSource:
Advanced Field Service version 2.1

As an extension to Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Field Service, our solution provides the most powerful and agile solution to enable profit-based service companies. Completely new in version 2.1 is Customer Location.
Eric Veldkamp and Kevin Davis are attending Microsoft Insprire in Las Vegas.If you would like to meet and talk about your field service needs or other, feel free to contact us at
A central location for all data with Rental Equipment Management
Asset Management is one of the biggest challenges for any Rental company. Assets often represent large capital value and are of utmost importance for the overall success of the company.

The differences between Bulk, Serialized and Project Driven rental types
To have a correct understand of business processes within the rental industry, it is important to use definitions in the same context to assure one is talking about the same subject.


Predictive Maintenance With IoT, What It Means for Manufacturing
Manufacturers that embrace the Internet of Things (IoT) experience tremendous benefits from the technology within. From enhanced productivity and improved worker safety to streamlined inventory management and quality control, there's a solution...


Monetize your IoT investments with Connected Field Service
“Customer experience will overtake price and product as the key brand differentiator by the year 2020,” according to consulting firm Walker.1 From bolts and ball bearings to machine tools and high-tech consumer goods, manufacturing margins are...

All our AppSource solutions are Spring '18 release approved!
Microsoft has approved all of our AppSource solutions for the Spring '18 release of Microsoft Dynamics 365. Only a couple of years ago, nobody would have believed that overlayering...

5 ways to know you are ready for connected field service
On March 21st, James Phillips, CVP of Business Applications, shared details of the Spring 2018 release, including version 8.0 of Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations.